Co-operative Capability Partners

Digital Comms

Voodoo Agency

Voodoo Agency is a boutique agency established in 1999 made up of creative thinkers, problem solvers, print and digital designers. The core team is supported by a talented North West based network of some of the brightest creative and technical talent. Branding, design and digital are at the heart of what we do. We create brands and give them digital expression. We explore how brands feel, look, communicate, and act digitally. We make it a joy for your customer to experience your brand whether that be through screen or print. Our digital services cover: digital strategy, web and mobile design & build, user experience design, content strategy and digital marketing tactics.



Porism is a UK based software company offering software development and consultancy services. We have particular expertise in Graphical reporting, GIS, open data, data standards and CRM applications. We're fans of making more data open to allow innovation and stimulate co-operation - particularly where public data can be used in new ways to relieve the burden on the public sector. We've a lot of experience helping local government publish information. We've taken thousands of public datasets and standardised them so developers and analysts can use them more effectively.

eForms & Workflow

Blue Wren

Blue Wren is a quality software business focused on ensuring that your citizens have customised eforms supported by workflow systems designed to deliver seamless end to end services irrespective of any heritage or legacy systems. Organisations and departments often operate independently across the place but Blue Wren aims to navigate the citizen through the many public-sector services all contributing to to meet their particular needs. All our solutions are design-led systems to optimise user experience, built to integrate with legacy and heritage systems and incorporate the highest levels of data security.

Assistive Tech


Kemuri technology allows people to live longer, happier and healthier in their own homes with its non-intrusive monitoring of essential daily activities. KemuriSense® smart devices measure motion, temperature, power usage and power supply. They are low cost and low power sensor devices with LPWAN sigfox signal meaning it functions without the need for broadband and making it available anywhere in the UK. There is no installation or maintenance making them ideal for someone not wishing to be bothered by technology. The systems use machine learning to understand what is normal and then alerts, according to standard deviations, to provide frontline staff with the actual data to make a professional decision as to whether to act or not. They are ideal for monitoring re-ablement situations such as those recently discharged from hospital.

Native apps


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Identify Assurance


Providing electronic identification assurance for all your citizens to securely access your public services at whatever risk level you set them at. Freja ID is an authentication and identity management solution designed to include everyone. It opens up new opportunities for anyone in the process of taking their digitalisation to the next step. Providing secure access to management teams or other key persons, while the rest of the staff, partners and clients have to make do with fixed passwords is just not good enough. It is much like protecting the main entrance of your house with a safe door while the kitchen door is secured with a simple latch.



Designing and deploying digital assistants (Robots) to reduce manual processing effort significantly to eliminate cost, backlogs and errors



Mercato develop scalable cloud environments that allow organisations to work more efficiently and effectively to ultimately save time and money. Our primary platforms - Progora, KnowledgeKube, PreSalesAdvisor and KnowledgeBus, can create unique marketplaces for both products and services, rapidly build complex enterprise applications, provide advanced CPQ (configure, price, quote) systems, price benchmark to save organisations money and much more. The speed and extensibility of our platforms, makes us different from the rest



PFIKS is a digital services company that helps its customers improve service outcomes and engagement with citizens. We specialise in designing and building compelling online experiences that citizens prefer to use. We use leading open-source technologies which are highly flexible and configurable to create seamless and consistent online self-services. Visit us to learn about our work with Bristol City Council and other leading digital transformation projects.


Blackbeard Design

Blackbeard is a pioneering Behavioural Design Company on a mission to support and advance the Health and Social Care Sector with digital products that are empathetically designed for end users. We specialise in understanding the motivations and lived experiences of the user to create digital products that solve your clients’ problems in an engaging, satisfying way. At Blackbeard we take a collaborative approach to the co-production of our digital solutions. We take the time to understand you and your needs. We work with you and partners throughout the process from inception, planning to our design process, creating products that are not only empathetic to users, but also to your organisation.