What is Digital Gaps?

Digital Gaps is a co-operative of individual digital specialists and small businesses with digital capabilities & expertise providing agile service design to provide solutions into the local public sector.

This will help to establish small businesses in a digital market place and provide, much needed, agile, innovative and dynamic solutions into the local public sector.


Digital Gaps will develop customer and internal journey maps to identify potential improvements (gaps) and then challenge their co-operative to identify solutions.

Simply complete the challenge form below to request a review of a customer journey, an internal process/back-office system or a particular digital capability. Alternatively send an email by selecting an option under Digital Capabilities. A Digital Gaps catalyst will make contact with you to arrange an initial discovery call. Our aim is to discover any gaps, explore potential solutions and you will then receive 'invest to save' proposals making use of the appropriate digital specialists or capabilities needed to bridge your gap. 

You will also receive an invite to join our Collaboration Network where you will be able to connect with peers, connect with our specialists & capability partners, review what others are struggling with, join a collaboration or innovation proposal, consider becoming an early adopter, take advantage of economies of scale deals or simply browse the market place of our digital suppliers.